Sweet Cheese Sizes:

12 inch round serves 20 to 30 $70
9 inch round serves 12 to 16 $45
7 inch round serves 6 to 10 $30
5 inch round serves 2 to 4 $20

Pre-Slice Charge add $5


Create a Cheesecake

You like what you like, so tell us.
Choose your own filling, crust and toppings.
Just don’t blame us.


Sweet Cheese Filling Flavors:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Butter, Sweet Potato,
Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Maple


Sweet Cheese Crust:

Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cookie,
Cake, Brownie


Sweet Cheese Toppings

Caramel, Fruit, Marshmallow, Toffee, Brown Sugar, Bacon, Whipped Cream